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Association overview
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Association overview

The VEO's philosophy

When you love birdwatching, you very quickly wish to go across border to feed your passion.

But as quickly, you find yourself in front of a dilemna : travel means pollution, so when birdwatching far away, you destroy what you love.

A small team tried to find an answer to this problem by creating VEO, Vision Ecologique de l'Ornithologie (an Ecological Vision on Ornithology). Outside the certification of ecologically friendly nature trips, VEO wish to go further by educating birdwatching guides in emerging countries. In addition to the ornithologic lessons, the education program introduces notions of how to welcome visitors and awareness to local ecologic issues such as tourist ecological footprint reduction. We pay deep attention to always choose project where people stay in the heart of action.


"Epeichette" and "touraco" trips

Some of the trips, called "épeichette" trip, provides financial source for the education program trips, called "touraco" trip.

  • The "épeichette" trips are usually one week trip in Europe, focusing on nature or more specifically on birdwatching.
  • The "touraco" trips bring people outside Europe for around 2 weeks. During those trips, the guide will provide birdwatching lessons to local guiding candidate. The trip participants will have the occasion to share this learning experience and the richness of cultural exchanges.

We want to certify only cost reasonnable trips in always interesting locations without especialy looking to the rarest birds.

The trips certified by us are then proposed via our partner Nature et Terroir who share our philosophy.


Reduce our ecological footprint

In order to certify the ecologically friendly trips, we had to think carefully about way we could reduce their ecological footprint.

To do so, we choose to act on reducing negative effects as well as increasing positive factors. We try to reduce the negative impact by selecting the right partner, transportation, hotel, food,... et we increase positive impact thanks to our actions towards education and awareness build.

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Our activity report

You want to know what we achieve through 2007, 2008, 2009 ?Download our activity report by clicking here (in french only) f